Fenugreek / Methi seeds -வெந்தயம்

Fenugreek / Methi seeds -வெந்தயம்

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Fenugreek / Methi seeds -வெந்தயம்

Fenugreek has benefits for lowering blood sugar levels, boosting testosterone, and increasing milk production in breastfeeding mothers. Fenugreek may also reduce cholesterol levels, lower inflammation, and help with appetite control. 

Fenugreek may suppress the appetite and increase feelings of fullness, which could help reduce overeating and lead to weight loss.

fenugreek seeds mixed with jaggery are recommended for females after childbirth for their anabolic effects to develop and strengthen muscles. Recent studies on fenugreek seeds extracts support their effectiveness in promoting lean body mass, and lowering cholesterol.

The researchers concluded that fenugreek supplementation was a safe and effective treatment for reducing symptoms of possible androgen deficiency, improves sexual function and increases serum testosterone in healthy middle-aged to older men.

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