Herbal Tooth Powder மூலிகை பல்பொடி

Herbal Tooth Powder மூலிகை பல்பொடி

Ancient Living Organic tooth powder which is derived from the heart of Ayurveda is a boon to your oral health care. The carefully selected ingredients deliver a fresh breath and improve your gum health with every use.

This organic tooth powder can replace your toothpaste as it consists of potent ingredients. It has natural teeth whitening products such as clove, long pepper, babool bark and cinnamon which are historically known to freshen the breath. While these ingredients are busy ensuring your gum health, rock salt adds a nice sparkle to your teeth. This herbal tooth and gum powder act as a natural toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

It is an invaluable tooth powder as it gets rids of bad breath and takes care of your overall oral health. It can be used by all the members of your family.

Method of Usage: Wet your mouth, take the desired quantity and gently massage your teeth with the powder. A slight tingling sensation will be noticed due to the presence of clove and pepper essential oils. Rinse with water. Repeat if necessary. This powder is non-foaming. Use twice a day or as necessary for optimum results.

With regular use, long-standing problems of bad breath have been reported to disappear within three days.

It is made with freshly ground ingredients from our farms and is free of any fillers, foaming agents or preservatives.

Ancient Living Eco-friendly Toothbrush:-

Our Eco-Friendly Tooth Brush is exclusively made of bamboo wood and is the perfect companion to our Tooth Powder. It has super soft bristles that are perfect for people with sensitive teeth. Their soft texture goes deep inside and massages the gums. Its natural anti-microbial attribute fights microbes while cleansing your teeth. The handle is biodegradable and made from the produce of sustainable farming which makes it the perfect choice for eco-conscious customers. With our Organic Tooth Brush, you can be environmentally conscious without having to give up on your convenience or aesthetic need for the sake of suitability. So you can smile away without compromising on your moral values!

Herbal Tooth Powder மூலிகை பற்பொடி 100GM

Herbal Tooth Powder மூலிகை பற்பொடி 100GM


Herbal Tooth Powder மூலிகை பற்பொடி 100GMTooth powder is an alternative to toothpaste. Modern versions may be sold with or without fluoride. Tooth powder was historically used among the Romans to clean and whiten tee..

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