Organic Traditional Karunkkuruvai Rice பாரம்பரிய கருங்குறுவை அரிசி

Organic Traditional Karunkkuruvai Rice பாரம்பரிய கருங்குறுவை அரிசி

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Organic Traditional Karunkkuruvai Rice பாரம்பரிய கருங்குறுவை அரிசி

Karun Kuruvai looks red in colour but belongs to black rice variety. Karunguruvai rice has many medicinal properties and it cures many diseases. Karun Kuruvai is well known to treat Elephantiasis arthritis and chickenpox. It is also called as Indian “Vyagra”. Karun Kuruvai boosts immune system and strengthens nervous system. Karunguruvai can be used and consumed everyday like normal rice.

Traditional Karunkuruvai rice variety which has  has got a “kayakalpam” property which will protect our body. Siddha doctors use this rice variety to prepare medicines. Karunkuruvai is used to treat peoples suffering from Elephantiasis. According to farmers this rice helps to dilute all the bad cholesterols in our body.

Health Benefits:-

  • Karun Kuruvai Rice removes toxins and impurities from the body
  • Cures all types of orthopaedic disorders, arthritis, elephantiasis, chickenpox
  • Boosts the immune system as it is loaded with antioxidants and minerals.
  • Karun Kuruvai also known as Viagra Rice, Cures erectile dysfunction
  • Reduced LDL (Bad Cholesterol)
  • Karun Kuruvai Rice keeps diabetics under control
  • Karun Kuruvai helps in the treatment of Filariasis (elephant’s foot).
  • A paste is prepared by boiling Karun Kuruvai rice along with cactus milk, cow’s milk and honey.
  • Consuming this leghyam for a period of 10 days helps in curing and keeping the Filariasis under control.

RECIPES :- Idli, Dosa, Swet Pongal, Paniyaram, Puttu and Can be used as a replacement of normal rice.