Discover the glory of our traditional rice

  • Discover the glory of our traditional rice
28 October 2020
Many people innocently believe that rice means white. But, that is not entirely true. The ex-rice is peeled in a variety of ways before it comes to our plate and we are just eating savory food. Even in those days our people ate only rice. All the diseases that afflict them today did not come then. The reason is that they ate all the nutrients that are naturally attached to the top of the rice without peeling and peeling.  They were the bulwark of our health. The most important varieties are Black gown, Groom samba, Arunkuruvai, Wild rice. Our ancestors ate those types of rice unpeeled and lived a healthy life.

Black kavuni rice: (Dosa, Idli, Pongal can be made)

Rice eaten by kings. Cancer does not come. Insulin secretion. Dinner rice for the new groom

Red Kauni Rice: (Dosa, Idli, Pongal can be made)

Diabetes, anemia, asthma, juvenile wrinkles, skeletal disorders, and obesity, reduced cholesterol levels, prevent heart attack. Rice to be eaten by the newlyweds. This is a fortified rice. Note: Pregnant women should not be given this red rice diet. And breastfeeding mothers avoid this type of food

Groom samba rice: (can make dosa, itli, pongal)

Nerve, body strong. Masculinity may. Grooms who are getting ready for marriage will have physical strength if they have this liquid for 41 consecutive days.

Poongar Rice (can make dosa, itli, pongal)

Rice to be eaten during maternity period. It is helping for normal childbirth. Secretion of breast milk.

Karunkuruvai Rice (Can make dosa, itli, Pongal)

Restores lost energy. Cure deadly diseases.

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