Organic Traditional Bamboo Rice மூங்கில் அரிசி

Organic Traditional Bamboo Rice மூங்கில் அரிசி

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Organic Traditional Bamboo Rice மூங்கில் அரிசி

Bamboo Rice, also known as Mulayari is actually the seed of a dying bamboo shoot that is produced at the end of its life span.The reason this rice is commonly not available is that it takes many years for an aged plant to flower from which this short-grain rice is extracted.

Health Benefits :-

The Bamboo rice have fertility enhancing properties. 

Bamboo Rice have higher protein content than both normal rice and wheat.

The regular use can help to controls Joints pain, back pain and rheumatic pain due to higher protein content.

It can lowers cholesterol levels.

Decreased Constipation and Colon Cancer Risk because it is rich in dietary fiber.

Lowered Risk of Cardiovascular Disease because the high fiber content also reduces the bad cholesterol levels and maintains blood pressure levels.

Optimized Brain and Nerve Health because it is a phenomenal source of B complex vitamins.