Original Pure Palm Sugar / Candy Panakarkandu பனங்கற்கண்டு

Original Pure Palm Sugar / Candy Panakarkandu பனங்கற்கண்டு

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Original Pure Palm / Sugar / Candy Panakarkandu  பனங்கற்கண்டு

Our product of Palm candy is made from 80% of Palmyrah Juice (பதநீர்).

Panakarkandu / Panam Kalkandam / palm is a crystallized form of palm sugar has its own medicinal values. Palm Sugar is one of the best organic sugar. It is called also called Rock Candy / Lump Sugar Palm / Palm Sugar. It is a well traditional product prepared from palm juice (Pathani) without using any chemicals. Palm Sugar is useful for various health purpose. It is the best organic sugar and good for diabetes persons and kids.

Palm sugar is a great replacement for white sugar. It has a lot of iron, minerals, calcium, vitamins and good for pregnant women. Panakarkandu is a nutritious sweetener. So, it is a good and real sweetener. The natural sweetener is used to preserve the body from injuries caused by free organs.

Panakarkandu is cleaning your bodies organs such as respiratory cold, tract, intestines, lungs, stomach and helps to clear the toxins from the body and reduce the heat. Palm sugar was a widely used health food in ancient India and used in Siddha and Ayurveda medicine.

Palm Candy is a nutrient rich, Low Glycemic Crystalline sweetener; it is completely natural. It has a number of minerals, vitamins, calcium, iron& phyto nutrients including zinc and potassium. Palm candy with water quenches thirst. Palm candy with milk relieves urinary trouble, urinary tract infection and heat.

Palm Candy has a number of minerals, vitamins, calcium, iron and phyto nutrients including zinc and potassium. It is a good source of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. The sugar content in palm sugar is well balanced. Being rich in iron, palm candy mix helps treat anaemia.

Palm sugar also has a low glycemic index compared to other sweeteners, which means it's less likely to cause your blood sugar to spike and crash. While research is ongoing, some studies suggest that palm sugar is a good alternative sweetener for people with diabetes.

Another remedy, usually for dry cough, is to powder equal measures of pepper, palm candy and roasted Bengal gram (பொட்டுக்கடலை), to be eaten whenever your throat feels itchy.