Organic is better than Non-Organic ?

  • Organic is better than Non-Organic ?
28 October 2020

Now a days the Organic is very popular and trending in the growing sector of food industries.  People in the world now aware of the organic Organic food benefits and its contribution to healthwise and global environment. 

As per the statistics, India's rank 8th in terms of World's Organic Agricultural land and 1st in terms of total number of producers as per 2020 data (Source: FIBL & IFOAM Year Book, 2020). 

Organic Food Process is a production process of growing the food without using any artificial chemicals, pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMO), antibiotics or hormones. For cultivation of organic farming, the natural fertilizers like manure have been utilized. It helps to improve the plant growth. Using natural fertilizers helps to improve the soil quality which ultimately perks up the soil fertility. Most importantly, in organic production, animal hormones or antibiotics are not been used.

All the organic food items contain a good amount of vitamin C, zinc and iron. Organic foods also have a higher level of antioxidants and micro nutrients as mentioned.

As per the research, the organic  does not require to have pesticides and sprays to defend them self against the insects. The crops develop their own immunity and compound such as antioxidants to protect them self.

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